Friends of the University of Newcastle


The Hunter Tapestry. This magnificent tapestry, commissioned by the Friends as a Bicentennial gift, was designed by Mary Beeston and woven by Larry Beeston and Rachel Frecker. The tapestry records the history of the Hunter Valley and hangs in the Great Hall.

Welcome to the Friends of the University of Newcastle blog.

The 2023 Book Fair will be held in the Great Hall

between 9th and 17th September

The Friends help fund projects of significance to the University and engage with the wider community through our Book Fair and Lunch with a Writer events.  Student Scholarships are our main focus.

DONATIONS – can be delivered to the Bowman Building on Tuesday mornings.

 For further information about the times and location see Book Fair

All our members are volunteers, allowing all of the funds raised to go directly to our important projects.