Book Fairs

Book Fair
In each odd-numbered year, the Friends conducts a Book Fair.This is a sale of second-hand books, rare books, records, CDs, DVDs, sheet music, etc. Books include texts, Australiana, art, medical, engineering and commerce. etc. The Friends depends on donations of books, etc, to provide the stock for the Fair.


The collection point for donations is  the Friends’ Place in HG06 which is under the Hunter Building at the end of Hunter Lane.  The turn off to Hunter Lane is opposite the new student accommodation buildings, on the ring road. We have uploaded the  map.

We welcome donations of books in good condition and in manageable-sized containers.


We are open every Tuesday between 9 am and noon for donations.

 Books . rare books. magazines . records . sheet music
records . CDs . DVDs. art. and much more

Contacts: Meg Levi – 4946 8859
Lesley Gent – 4955 6360 or 0409325979

Book Fair Proceeds

Over the past ten years a number of projects has been funded by the Friends.


5 responses to “Book Fairs

  1. Hi,

    Can I drop some books off tomorrow morning?


  2. Geoff Nattrass

    Hi can you post somewhere here the hours you are open for dropping off books – thanks

  3. will you be open on Tuesday morning 7th August 2018 or 14th August?

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