Book Fairs

Book Fair
In each odd-numbered year, the Friends conducts a Book Fair.This is a sale of second-hand books, rare books, records, CDs, DVDs, sheet music, etc. Books include texts, Australiana, art, medical, engineering and commerce. etc. The Friends depends on donations of books, etc, to provide the stock for the Fair.


The collection point for donations is  the Friends’ Place in HG06 which is under the Hunter Building at the end of Hunter Lane.  The turn off to Hunter Lane is opposite the new student accommodation buildings, on the ring road. We have uploaded the  map.

The Friends Book Place is open 9 am to noon on every Tuesday for deliveries.


The Friends Book Place will be closed Tuesday 6th December 2016.

Tuesday 13 December will be the last day for this year for receipt of books.

We will reopen after the summer break on:
Tuesday 14 February 2017
from 9 am and 12 noon.

Contacts: Meg Levi – 4946 8859
Lesley Gent – 4955 6360 or 0409325979

Rare Book Auction

A feature of the Book Fair is the Slow Auction of Rare Books. Specially selected items are catalogued and prospective purchasers are able to make bids throughout the Fair, with a formal auction terminating the process on the last day.

Book Fair Proceeds

Over the past ten years a number of projects has been funded by the Friends.

51 responses to “Book Fairs

  1. Hello,
    Could you please let me know the procedure for donating books for sale at the book fair?
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      You can drop the books off at the Friends’ shed near the Forum on Tuesdays between 9:00am and 1:00pm. However, the University will be closed from 18/12/2010 until 04/01/2011 inclusive.


      Cultural Collections

    • Hi, I called by the shed today (11.1.11) to drop off some books for the book sale. No sign of life and no signage to indicate when they will be re-opening.

      Cheers, Jan W

      • Thanks for letting us know, Jan, and for your prospective donation. Apologies for the inconvenience. I’ll forward your email directly to the Friends.
        Cultural Collections

  2. Hi, I have a stack of books that I no longer need and I’m happy to donate them but I’m moving away this weekend so won’t be able to drop them off on Tuesday. Is there any other way / time / place I can get them to you?


  3. Hello, can you tell me if you’re collecting books for the next book fair? If so, where and when should I deliver thm? Thanks, Pam

  4. sarah johnson

    Is the Friends’ shed near the Forum still open on Tuesdays between 9:00am and 1:00pm

  5. Dates for this year’s Book Fair, please? 2013.

  6. Is the location listed above for deposits still the same? And do DVDs come under the heading of “etc”?

  7. I have 24 boxes of Economics text books. Do you collect locally?

  8. Saturday 10 August – Saturday 17 August 2013

  9. What time does the book fair open on Saturday, 10/8?

    • The hours for the Book Fair are:

      Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

      Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

      Thursday: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

      The Auction will take place at 2:00 pm on Saturday 17 August

  10. Arthur Snodgrass

    Can you still make donations to the 2013 book fair as per the instructions above?

    • Donations for this year technically closed at the end of June. However, if you only have a couple of boxes or fewer, you can drop them off on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Thanks for thinking of us when deciding to donate your books.

  11. Where exactly on campus is the 2013 book fair held, please.

  12. I was just wondering are there also many books for kids in the 2013 book fair?

  13. Hi, how do you pay for the books? Is there eftpos available or cash only?


  14. Are you taking donations now(September 2013) for the Fair in 2015?

  15. Will there be people in the shed to collect books Tuesday 22nd October?

  16. Can books be donated at any time of year? 🙂

  17. Cheryl Shepherd

    I have quite a few variety of books from my late father which he purchased during his life from 1940 onwards. Some are in good condition and others, due to their age, not so good, but still able to be read. Do you have a standard of books you will accept or is it just a matter of donating them and then are sorted. Also if you are interested in them when and where can I drop them off.

  18. Thanks for thinking of us, Cheryl. The Friends’ Shed will be open from the second week of February 2014.
    You can drop off your books any Tuesday between 9:00 am and 12:00 noon.
    There is more information about the Shed at

  19. Barbara-Rose Townsend

    I have some books but am unable to drop them in on Tuesdays. Are there any other options for delivery?

  20. Hi there!

    I work for Lifeline Newcastle & Hunter and our annual bookfest is on 13th & 14th September 2014.

    We were wondering if any of your lovely volunteers might be interested in helping out for the weekend? All proceeds raised goes to supporting the life saving services at Lifeline.

    We would be very grateful of any assistance for either set up Thursday afternoon or Friday, Event Day assistance on Saturday or Sunday and pack up Monday.

    For any more information, you can contact me at 4940 2000.


    Emma Askew

  21. I cannot find anything about the 2015 fair. Where and when can I donate books?

  22. can you pls let me know when the next uni book sale is? and where to drop off donations?

  23. Barry Maitland

    where is the Friends’ Place or Hunter Lane – neither are marked on the Campus plan?

  24. Apologies for the delay in providing directions to the Friends’ Place. We have just received and uploaded the new map and directions.

  25. You have a heading BOOK FAIR 2015, but the dates are still for 2013. Hope to hear about this year soon, so I can start counting down the sleeps until it’s on!

  26. Hi, Folks. Are the fair opening times the same as 2013, namely 10-5 Sat and Sun and 10-4 Mon-Fri ? Want to know before updating your entry on our Fairs page.

  27. You gave the opening hours but not the date of the book fair for 2015. When is it?

  28. Can you please tell me the address of the location of the book fair for our sat nav?

  29. Thank you very much for another wonderful book fair. I visited four times and got some great additions to my various collections. But it was again rather frustrating to see so many boxes still unopened on the last day. What happens to them now — do they just get held till 2017???

  30. Having spotted Flavia’s comment, I’d also like to thank you for a great book fair this year. Never have I been so close to the front of the line on the opening day despite arriving at 9.45. Within the next 15 minutes though, a huge number of people arrived and the line soon stretched all the way to the car park. Most people must have slept in! I had some great finds but stuck to quality rather than quantity this time.

  31. Katherine O Sullivan

    Do you accept donations of old encyclopaedias, leather bound, in good condition for repurposing by crafty people?

  32. You have a notice that due to flooding you are unable to accept donations. Is this still current as I have 20 boxes of books to donate? I am amenable to donating to another charity if you are going to be out of action for some time.

    • Two months is a long time to be closed but we opened again last week. Tuesday mornings are the best time to deliver books. Thank you for thinking of us and your support.

  33. Jane – sorry about the web site – yes we are open again and books are once again flowing in. Tuesday morning is still the best time for delivery.
    Thank you

  34. Hi there,
    I have a large load of textbooks to donate to the book fair. I understand that the drop off time/place is not reopening until mid February. I am unfortunately moving away for a rural rotation before this time. Is there anywhere I can leave the books prior to the reopening date?.

    • Jacquie, Thank you for your enquiry and thinking of the Friends. Although we will not be opening until 14 February there is a shelf near our entrance in Hunter Lane where you can leave books. They are cleared every second day and are secure.

  35. Hi,
    I was wondering when you next book fair at the university is?


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