The Friends’ Place

Map showing the location of the Friends’ Place

The Friends’ Place is located at the end of Hunter Lane which is opposite the new student accommodation buildings on the ring road. Click the map below to see a larger image.


Contacts: Meg Levi – 4946 8859
Lesley Gent  – 4955 6360 or 0409325979

4 responses to “The Friends’ Place

  1. Apologies for this, Robyn, and many thanks for thinking of us when deciding to donate your books. There was a delay in getting the new map which is now published on this page.

  2. Todd,

    Firstly – thank you for thinking of the Friends Book Sale.
    In answer to your query. All categories of books are most welcome.

    • The Friends Book Place is open 9 am to noon on every Tuesday for deliveries.
    • Owing to the new security arrangements at our new facility we cannot open on weekends.
    • You can most certainly drive up to the building – we have a loading bay suitable and trolleys on hand for heavy boxes.
    • Unfortunately we don’t have access to the trucks that work the campus for pickups off campus.

    Looking forward to seeing your collection

  3. Thank you for thinking of the Book Fair when deciding to donate your books, Rhonda. They can be donated at the Friends’ Book Place any time between 9 am and noon on Tuesdays.

  4. Catherine – Thanks. I have emailed you this morning Lesley

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