Where does the money from the Book Fair go?

The Friends have raised nearly $500 000 over the past sixteen years to make contributions to the University.

Full details of funding are on the Items Page.

The first and largest donation to the University from Book Fair profits was $55 000 in 1985-86 for Friends House, a student residence.

Seen by many more people is the Hunter Tapestry (above) hanging in the University Great Hall.

This major work of art was designed by Mary Beeston and executed by Larry Beeston and Rachel Frecker over the period 1987-1989.

The sculpture of poet Roland Robinson by Bruce Copping, to be seen in the Auchmuty Library, was handed over in 1993.

Also in the Auchmuty Library is to be found the Rare Book Collection. Over the last ten years, the Friends have assisted with the purchase and restoration of books in this collection and the provision of display cases.

In particular, the Friends donated the 500 000th and 1 000 000th volumes to the University Libraries.

In 1994, the Friends and the University joined in publishing Bushland Campus, a history of and guide to the campus and its flora and fauna.

A number of substantial donations have been made to assist with student housing.

Seven academic and one sports scholarship plus an Open Foundation scholarship have been endowed by the Friends; additional funds for these have been given to maintain their “real” value.

Radio 2NUR-FM was assisted in its move to its current studios.

The Don Morris Walk, named in honor of a former University Planner, was entirely paid for by the Friends.

Funds were provided for research towards the published biography of Professor James Auchmuty, the University’s first Vice-Chancellor.

The Friends provided funds for the Wetlands Pavilion which overlooks the University Wetlands.


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